Transforming children’s imagination into stories with the power of AI
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The Challenge

Imagine it's bedtime, and your child looks up at you with eager eyes, requesting a story about a brave dragon and a silly squirrel going on a treasure hunt in New York City. You scan through the shelves of children's books, but none of them seem to remotely fit that description. Finding tales that align with your child's wild imagination and convey moral values, impart knowledge, or simply spark their curiosity can be a challenge. The process often involves sifting through books and the internet, hoping to discover narratives that resonate with both young minds and your aspirations as a parent or educator.

The Solution

Flywheel conceptualized and developed Talewiz, an innovative app that harnesses the power of ChatGPT and Midjourney to create enchanting children's stories on demand. The app is one of the pioneers in integrating ChatGPT with FlutterFlow to create a storytelling application. With Talewiz, users just need to express their ideas in a single sentence or train of thought, and the app generates complete narratives with customized cover images.

From an idea to endless adventures

Talewiz brings whimsical ideas to life, crafting magical journeys that keep young minds spellbound. Imagine asking for a story about a brave dragon who befriends a silly squirrel, embarking on a treasure hunt to discover colorful crystals in New York City. With Talewiz, these unique story concepts ignite boundless creativity, sparking joy and inspiration in every tale told.

Immersive visuals for every tale

Using Midjourney, Talewiz crafts unique cover images that capture the heart of each story, offering a glimpse into the worlds that lie within. These custom visuals, thoughtfully designed to complement the tales, enhance the magic of storytelling and help bring each adventure to life.

In-app subscriptions and purchases with RevenueCat

The app also features a RevenueCat integration to power in-app subscription and purchases. RevenueCat also provides simplified subscription management, analytics, and tools for growth.

Dive into a world of stories

Talewiz offers users more than just their own stories - users can save their favorite tales, explore stories recommended by others, and discover what's popular. This interactive feature lets users build their own collection of captivating stories while connecting with a community of fellow storytellers. Talewiz becomes more than an app – it becomes a platform for shared storytelling experiences, celebrating the diverse joy of tales.

The Results

Talewiz introduced the concept of automated narrative generation with custom visuals. It is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store to a global audience of parents, educators, and young storytellers alike. By combining AI technology with creativity, Talewiz aims to reimagine children's storytelling and helps nurture creativity and curiosity in the next generation of storytellers.

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