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The Challenge

In the rapidly evolving landscape of influencer marketing, brands and businesses were facing a significant challenge—how to effectively connect with content creators and leverage that reach to promote their products or services. Influencer marketing had become a powerful tool, but the process of identifying, vetting, and collaborating with influencers was often cumbersome and lacked a streamlined platform. Additionally, many existing platforms focused primarily on brands' needs, leaving content creators feeling undervalued and overshadowed.

The Solution

mavn emerged as a solution to these challenges. Collaborating with Flywheel, mavn aimed to create an innovative platform that would not only bridge the gap between influencers and brands but also empower content creators by placing them at the forefront of the influencer-brand relationship.

Empowering the Influencer Ecosystem

At the heart of mavn lies a curated marketplace that empowers influencers and businesses alike. Influencers gain access to a plethora of opportunities tailored to their unique strengths, while brands can seamlessly post engagement opportunities, reaching out to a diverse range of influencers. This synergy ensures that collaborations are purposeful and mutually beneficial.

Instagram and Facebook API

mavn goes beyond follower counts, prioritizing authenticity, engagement, and diversity in influencer partnerships. Leveraging the Instagram Basic Display API and Facebook Graph API, mavn can efficiently confirm a creator’s Instagram handle, verification status and follower count, as well as gain valuable insights into a creator’s content creation, engagement with followers, and more. This comprehensive data allows mavn and brands to delve beyond the surface and assess the genuine influence and authenticity of creators.

Streamlined Contract Management

Creators and brands can seamlessly review and sign contracts within the app itself through an integration with Hellosign. This feature enhances transparency, expedites the contracting process, and fosters trust between parties.

Automated Email Notifications

mavn integrates with ActiveCampaign and Postmark to automate essential email notifications, keeping creators informed about critical milestones, such as acceptance into an opportunity or processing of payment for services rendered. This enhances user engagement and keeps all stakeholders informed throughout the collaboration lifecycle.

In-App Communication

Creators can interact with the Mavn team via an in-app chat function for guidance before applying for an opportunity and discuss collaboration details after being accepted for an opportunity. This provides a clear and efficient communication channel and enhances overall user experience.

The Results

mavn launched in Miami to a beta group of 300 influencers who had a combined total of about 50 million followers. At launch, opportunities range from paid campaigns with Crown Royal Regal Apple, FitTea and swimwear brand Natki Swim to free products like skincare, clothing, fitness supplements and more.With the successful beta launch, mavn is poised to expand its footprint to Los Angeles and New York, and has future plans to venture into “select hot spot summer destinations” such as St. Tropez, Mykonos, Tel Aviv, and Ibiza.

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