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The Challenge

Ramses Principe, a world-renowned fitness trainer and social media influencer with over 650,000 Instagram followers, sought to create a mobile app that captured his personalized training philosophy. His existing white-label web platform lacked the customization, functionality, and interactivity needed to effectively engage a mobile-first audience and provide an optimal user experience.

The Solution

Partnering with Flywheel, Ramses developed Hyletics, a custom mobile app that reflects his brand and caters specifically to his dedicated audience.  Hyletics features a visually appealing design, clean color scheme, and messaging that aligns with Ramses' unique training approach.

Tailor-made programs, on-demand workouts, and flexible schedules

Hyletics offers a variety of customizable fitness programs designed for all levels, from beginner to experienced. Users can choose from home or gym-based routines, target specific areas, and even create custom workouts. Video demonstrations and flexible scheduling options ensure the programs fit individual lifestyles and needs.

Personalized nutrition with proprietary algorithm

The app leverages a proprietary nutrition algorithm to deliver personalized meal plans. This algorithm factors in a user's weight, gender, activity level, fitness goals, dietary preferences, and desired meal frequency to calculate optimal per-meal calorie intake and create individualized meal plans. Each meal and recipe is adjusted dynamically based on these calculations and include complete macro breakdowns, eliminating any confusion about portion sizes. For maximum flexibility, users can swap or skip meals as needed, allowing them to integrate the plan seamlessly into their lifestyle.

Progress and goal tracking

Accountability is key. Hyletics provides comprehensive progress tracking tools like workout logs, meal logs, streak tracking, weight logging, and even strength progress monitoring. These features keep users focused and motivated, allowing them to visualize their progress and crush their goals.

RevenueCat and Stripe integrations

Seamless integration with RevenueCat allows for secure and convenient in-app subscription management. RevenueCat also provides analytics data to track conversion and retention metrics. An additional integration with Stripe ensured a smooth migration for existing users of the old app to the new app. Their existing subscriptions were automatically transferred and provisioned to the new app, eliminating the need to resubscribe or update payment information and minimizing user churn.

The Results

Hyletics has revolutionized user engagement. Its intuitive design, personalized workouts, and customized nutrition plans provide a solution tailored to a mobile-first audience. The app has successfully transformed the user experience, making it more enjoyable, effective, and accessible for individuals of all fitness levels.

Hyletics is reshaping the fitness landscape, providing a platform where individuals can cultivate confidence and crush their fitness goals, one workout at a time.

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