On-Demand Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Service
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The Challenge

As electric vehicle (EV) adoption accelerated, charging infrastructure has struggled to keep up at the same pace. Because of this, many current and prospective EV owners suffer from "range anxiety", or the worry that their EV won't have enough battery power to reach the next available charging station. Many EV owners also live in apartments or rented spaces where installing a home charger is not feasible. SparkCharge seeks to fill this gap by creating an on-demand mobile charging service powered by its portable battery. However, they encountered a setback when the original development agency hired to build Currently fell significantly behind schedule, jeopardizing the planned launch date.

The Solution

With only a month before Currently’s scheduled launch date, SparkCharge turned to Flywheel. We embraced the challenge and took the lead in building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) within the extremely limited timeframe.

Speed to market

Recognizing the urgency, we took a strategic approach. By identifying the core features necessary for the MVP, we streamlined the development process and focused on delivering essential functionality. Our team leveraged Adalo, a platform known for its intuitive interface and built-in features, enabling us to develop the app swiftly and efficiently.

Create and manage EV charging appointments

Currently empowers users to schedule, modify, or cancel EV charging appointments with ease. Whether it's a planned charging session or an urgent need, users can select their desired time and location through the app.

Technician interface and administrator web panel

To facilitate efficient operations, Currently includes a two-sided interface: one for users and another for technicians. Technicians, equipped with portable battery charging units, utilize the app to access their schedules and manage their jobs effectively. Flywheel also developed an administrator web panel to provide comprehensive control and oversight of all operations.

In-app payments with Stripe

Users can conveniently pay for their subscriptions or one-time charges using their credit cards within the app via an integration with Stripe, a leading payment processing platform. The Stripe integration streamlines the payment process and ensures secure and reliable transactions.

The Results

SparkCharge successfully launched Currently on schedule. The app was demonstrated to investors and users at the launch event, showcasing its capabilities and generating positive feedback. Following the launch, Currently debuted its services in Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

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