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The Challenge

AllYou was created by fitness and wellness influencer Drea Thomas, who has over 2 million followers on Instagram and TikTok. The initial version of the app relied on a white-label solution that lacked the functionality, customization options, and design flexibility needed to capture Drea’s unique brand voice and meaningfully engage with her target audience. To provide a better user experience and more effectively connect with her followers, Drea partnered with Flywheel to develop a fully custom fitness app that aligns with her vision and specifically caters to the needs of her dedicated audience.

The Solution

Working closely with Drea to understand her unique brand, vision, and target audience, Flywheel conceptualized, designed, and developed the new AllYou mobile app. The new app created an unified experience for her and her audience of fitness enthusiasts.

Fully customizable workouts, programs, and schedules

AllYou offers a diverse range of both home and gym programs, as well as individual target area workouts, catering to all levels of fitness. Users can customize their workout frequency and preferences, with options for home and gym workouts, alternate exercises, and video demonstrations.

Nutrition algorithm and personalized meal plans

The app features a proprietary nutrition algorithm that factors in a user’s weight, gender, activity level, fitness goal, dietary preferences, and desired meal frequency to calculate per-meal calorie intake and create individualized meal plans. Each meal and recipe is dynamically adjusted based on calculated caloric intake and are complete with macronutrient breakdowns, taking the guesswork out portion sizes. Users can also swap or skip meals as needed for maximum flexibility.

Progress and goal tracking

The app provides comprehensive progress tracking tools, including workout logging, meal logging, streak tracking, weight logging, and strength progress monitoring. These features help users stay accountable and motivated as they progress towards their goals.

Community support

AllYou fosters a supportive and inclusive community where like-minded women from around the world can connect, support each other on their fitness journey, and celebrate their achievements together. Real-time support is provided through in-app community chat, allowing users to engage with each other as well with Drea and her team of ambassadors.

RevenueCat and Stripe integrations

Seamless integration with RevenueCat allows for secure and convenient in-app subscription management. RevenueCat also provides analytics data to track conversion and retention metrics. An additional integration with Stripe ensured a smooth migration for existing users of the old app to the new app. Their existing subscriptions were automatically transferred and provisioned to the new app, eliminating the need to resubscribe or update payment information and minimizing user churn.

The Results

The new AllYou app has transformed user engagement. The intuitive design, personalized workouts, and tailored nutrition plans resonate with Drea's unique approach to fitness, making them fun, effective, and accessible for all women. This motivates users to stay committed to their fitness goals, leading to increased user satisfaction and a thriving community of women actively working towards a healthier lifestyle.

AllYou is redefining women's fitness, creating a space where women can gain confidence and achieve their fitness goals, one workout at a time.

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