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February 22, 2023

Introducing Our Client Success Team

We’ve launched a new, dedicated team in Flywheel Studio, the Client Success Team or CST for short. We’ve taken your feedback to heart and worked diligently behind the scenes to make this exciting new addition to our service offering.

We’ve launched a new team in Flywheel Studio, the Client Success Team or CST for short. We’ve taken your feedback to heart and worked behind the scenes to make this exciting new addition to our service offering. They have one purpose and mission:

Providing clients the resources and expertise they need to operate their software.

Why a Client Success Team?

Flywheel Studio has always been a product partner, never an outsourced software vendor or developer. In everything we do, client long term success is at the core and we last year we realized we fell short of that for many clients. 

Traditional agency development works great when products don’t require continuous improvements or maintenance and when they aren’t technical in nature. We found too many areas where clients wanted our help, but we weren’t setup to provide it. 

The CST team is our answer for that. Wondering why a user’s billing failed? Ask and we'll find out for you. Want to improve email deliverability? We’re on it. Trying to rank higher in the app store? We’ve already taken steps to do it. 

Offering a structured, dedicated Customer Success Team empowers us to serve you with the highest quality possible. Once your app launches, we want to make sure you have the team's support to make it successful. You’ll know that your app is in capable hands at every stage of its lifecycle, including after the launch.

The CST combines the customer service, technical skills, and a growth oriented mindset you would expect from an in-house product team, making it the perfect fit for a growing startup.

So what does this team do?

The CST team provides five main services:

  1. Technical support
  2. Strategic reporting
  3. Bug & issue triaging
  4. Technical account maintenance
  5. Ongoing application enhancements

These help clients manage, improve, and understand their applications. That’s it! It’s pretty simple, but powerful when you think about the specifics. 

We’ll cover each of these areas in detail and how it impacts you and your team.

Technical Support

Anytime you have a question, we’ll have an answer. During standard business hours and extended support hours planned in the future, we’ll be able to help you solve any questions or problems you have. The CST team provides unlimited support, so you aren’t billed hourly or per inquiry. 

This can be technical questions, like did an API call fire or why didn’t a user receive a push notification. Or they could also be generic questions, like how do image sizes effect page loading speed and how do I rank higher in the app store. 

Consider the CST team your second line of defense and dedicated technical support team. 

Strategic Reporting

Over the last year, we’ve seen client reporting requirements increase. Help with Google Analytics and queries is now part of our services! Want to know DAU and MAU? Or curious how many conversions you had last week? We’ll provide you with an answer. 

Beyond reporting KPIs and performance, we’ll help you setup advanced analytics capturing conversions, user retention, and other industry metrics. These provide a barometer for performance and will help you understand 
We’re working on semi-customizable application reporting templates and dashboards, giving you real time reporting and ready made presentations you can share internally or externally. This wil give you the power to share your application’s performance with investors, partners, clients, or even friends. 

Bug & Issue Triaging

Software is always changing and that will have impact on yours. If issues arise, we’ll help you triage and solve them. Whether it’s your application or a 3rd party API, we’re here to help wherever and however we can.

Technical Account Maintenance

This is the most sought after client request we’ve had - help me manage my technical accounts! Integrations like Facebook and Instagram require compliance updates. Applications like Sendgrid and Twilio have complex setup and management features. This previously didn’t fall under development work but it was too complex for clients to self navigate and created a bad experience for both sides. Now, the CST team will own and manage all technical accounts making sure everything is taken care of without the complexity. 

Ongoing application enhancements

Last, but not least, we’ll continuously improve your application! This has been our single largest source of frustration over the last two years, how do we continuously improve applications without the burden of a full project?

Here are some great examples:

  • A list was loading slowly because of image sizes. What if we resized these images ourselves?
  • FlutterFlow or Adalo launches a new feature that would be a perfect fit for a client app. Let’s add it!
  • We identify unnecessary reads and writes to the database. Let’s remove those and save some costs!

By being a long term teammate, it’s a big win-win for both teams!

What's Next?

If you’re interested in learning more about our Client Success Team, you can reach us here.

We’re looking forward to taking our services to the next level and helping every client reach their organizational goals. The Client Success Team is a small part of making that happen!

Also, if you have feedback, let us know! This is as new to us as it is to you. We’re excited to expand and standardize our service offerings but it’s important that how we do this aligns to your requirements and needs, as a client or potential client. Let us know what you think, we’d appreciate it.

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